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Cross Country

Children from our school took part in a Cross Country competition on Tuesday 11th October at Bilton. The results were as follows:-

Year 3 / 4 girls 
Livia Larvin 9th, Lily Marshall 12th, Tia Eggleston 23rd and Marth Walton 24th

Year 3 / 4 boys
Freddy Rosindale 26th

Year 5 / 6 girls
Evie Nutt 4th and Seren Kendall 6th

Year 5 / 6 boys
Joey Larvin 3rd, Henry Rosindale 9th and Nicholas Walton 10th

Joey qualified to represent South Holderness at the East Riding finals.

Football tournament

On Wednesday 10th May the Year 3 and 4 football team took part in a football tournament which was held at South Holderness Technology College on the 3G pitch. Nine teams from local schools played 8 matches each to compete for the winners trophy. Our results were lost 4 games, drawn 3 games and won 1 game. During the evening Joey Larvin scored 2 excellent goals and everyone showed commitment and performed as excellent team players. Overall we finished joint 5th. Well done everyone who played.


On Tuesday 22nd March the netball team played a tome match against Brandesburton B team as part of the East Riding Schools League. The match was very competitive and close fought with play going from end to end. The final score was 3 - 2 to Aldbrough with 2 goals scored by Georgia Wade and 1 goal scored by Ruby Bunting. Well done everyone who took part.

Tag Rugby

On Tuesday 14th March a team of Year 5/6 children took part in a Tag Rugby Tournament at SHTC. This was organised as part of the School Sport Partnership and had seven schools taking part. Each school played 6 games with our results as follows.

Game 1 against Bilton. The score was 4 - 5 to Bilton.
Game 2 against Hedon Inmans. The score was 4 - 6  to Aldbrough.
Game 3 against Skirlaugh. The score was 4 - 2 to Skirlaugh.
Game 4 was against Sproatley. The scsore was 5 - 3 to Aldbrough.
Game 5 against Preston. The score was a draw at 3 - 3.
Game 6 was against Burstwick. The score was 3 - 2 to Aldbrough.
Having won 3 drwn 1 and lost 2 the team finished in overall 3rd place. Everyone enjoyed the evening and had lots of fun - Well Done!


This weeks netball league match was played against Withernsea B team on Tuesday 8th March at Aldbrough. It was a close fought game but Aldbrough came out the winners with the final score being 4 - 2. Goals were scored by Ruby, Harry and 2 long range shots from Lewis. Well done everyone who played.


On Thursday 2nd March a team of year 5/6 children played in a netball tournament organised by Tigers Trust at Leven Sports Hall. It was a very cold evening but this didn't appear to bother the children as everyone worked hard and played well. They were in a group of 5 teams so played 4 matches.
Match 1 against Keldmarsh was drawn 2 - 2 with goals scored by Lewis Hancox and Paige Rolph.
Match 2 against St. Johns Beverley was also drawn 2 - 2 with goals scored by Kaitlyn Chapman and Matthew Ulliott.
Match 3 against Ticktonn was won 1 - 0 with a goal scored by Paige Rolph.
Match 4 against Beverley Minster was also won 1 - 0 with a goal scored by Matthew Ulliott.
Overall in the group Aldbrough finished 2nd. Well done everyone who played.


Wednesday 1st March was the start of the East Riding Netball League. Our first match was away against Brandesburton Primary A team. It was a close fought game. Lewis Hancox and Matthew Ulliott scored 2 goals each. The final result was a win for us with the score being Brandsburton A 3, Aldbrough 4. Well done to everyone who played.


On Tuesday 24th January a team of Year 5/6 children went to Hornsea School and Language College to participate in a benchball tournament which was organised by Tigers Trust. They played against four other teams developing their skills as the night progressed. The overall winners were Hornsea Burton with Aldbrough finishing 4th. Well done to everyone who took part.


On Wednesday 18th January a team of year 5/6 children took part in an inter-school dodgeball tournament. Ten teams played in two pools with the winners of each pool going through to the next level. In pool B we played matches against Sproatley, Hedon Inmans, Skirlaugh and Paull. The action in each game was very fast and furious with each match being closely fought. We won and lost games but overall finished 5th in the pool. the overall winners were Burstwick and Sproatley. Everyone who attended enjoyed the evening and had lots of fun.

Well done to all who took part.


On Tuesday 17th January all the children in Year 4 went to Aldbrough Sports hall to participate in a Sports Hall Athletics inter- school event. Here they completed a series of track and field events. The overall winners of the event were Burstwick Primary with 392 points. Aldbrough finished 4th with 308 points. A big well done to everyone who took part and tried their best.


On Wednesday 19th October a team of Yr 3/4 and a team of Yr 5/6 children took part in a Level 2 School Games Tri-Golf qualifying festival at SHTC. The evening was very cold but everyone kept active working against the clock to score points. Each child visited 8 stations to complete 4 chipping and 4 putting activities. The teams had to co-operate with each other to score the most points considering distance, speed, direction and flight control. It was great to see all the children improving their skills as the eventing progressed and having fun. The results were as follows:-

Yr 5/6                                                  Yr 3/4

1st Preston 954 pts.                          1st Preston 860pts.
2nd Inmans 908 pts.                          2nd Inmans 712 pts
3rd Aldbrough 798 pts.                     3rd Aldbrough 610 pts
4th Throngumbald 538 pts

Well done to all who took part.

Cross Country

The final cross country event took place on Thursday 6th October at Bilton Primary School.

The results were as follows:-

Year 3 / 4 girls

3rd Evie Nutt

Year 3 / 4 boys

8th Henry Rosindale
9th Alfie Cox
31st Brendan Welburn-Hood
32nd Calun Casey-Greening

Year 5 / 6 girls

12th Maddison Cox
13th Bo Butler
14th Laurelle Farrow
23rd Georgia Wade

Year 5 / 6 boys

8th Lewis Hancox
9th Oscar Coupe

Well done to everyone who took part but particularly Evie Nutt who qualified for the East Riding Finals to be held on Tuesday 18th October at Cottingham High School

Tag Rugby Tournament

On Tuesday 20th September 2016 a team of 9 year 5 and 6 boys and girls took part in a tag rugby tournament run by Tigers Trust and held at Hornsea Rugby Club. Aldbrough played against Hornsea Community School, the score was 12 – 9 to Aldbrough, with tries from Lewis, Harry and Matthew. Everyone played exceptionally well and they  had great fun.

Rugby News

On Tuesday 27th September it was the turn of the Year 3 / 4 to participate in a Tag Rugby Festival at Hornsea Rugby Ground. Most of the children who attended had never played rugby before. Although they didn’t win any of their games the improvement in their play was excellent  over the evening and they worked well as a team. We are celebrating tries scored by Callun Casey-Greening (2), Jayden Clixby (2) and Joey Larvin. Well done to everyone who took part.

Cross Country

The second of three Cross Country events took place on Thursday 29th September at Preston Primary School. Everyone ran well and completed the course.

The results were as follows:-

Year 3 / 4 girls – 3rd Evie Nutt

Year 3 / 4 boys – 12th Marcus Brandon, 17th Jayden Clixby, 18th McKenzie Head and 23rd Troy Rolph

Year 5 / 6 girls – 8th Evie Larvin, 11th Bo Butler, 15th Laurelle Farrow and 16th Katelyn Clixby

Year 5 / 6 boys – 3rd Lewis Hancox, 9th Oscar Coupe

The final event which is the qualifier for the East Riding Finals will be run on Thursday 6th October at Bilton Primary School.

Benchball Tournament

On Thursday 26th November 2015 a team of 8 year 3 and 4 pupils went to a benchball tournament at Hornsea Primary School. There were 4 teams taking part. In our first game we played Brandesburton, the score was 5 – 4 to Aldbrough. Secondly we played Hornsea 2, the game was very close with the end result being a 5 – 5 draw. The final game was against Honrsea 1 which Aldbrough won 4 - 2. This meant that Aldbrough won the league. To finish the evening the top two teams in the league played each other. The result of this game was Brandesburton 2 and Aldbrough 0. Everyone played really well and had a lot of fun.